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Photos and video from the AT&T Audience Network show 'Mr. Mercedes', based on the Bill Hodges trilogy by Stephen King, produced and directed by Jack Bender. 3 Seasons, filmed in Charleston, SC.
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Kelly Lynch and Harry Treadaway in the Hartsfield living room on 'Mr. Mercedes'.
Harry Treadaway as 'Mr. Mercedes', Brady Hartsfield.
The Hartsfield living room with the ickiest green velvet sofa ever...
The Hartsfield's neglected kitchen.
Kelly Lynch as Deb Hartsfield. Having a really bad day...
Deb Hartsfield's creepy bedroom.
Brendan Gleason as Bill Hodges in the Bridgton Police Department.
Bridgeton PD.
Brendan Gleason and Scott Lawrence in the Bridgton PD.
Brendan Gleason as Bill Hodges in Ida Silver's house.
Harry Treadaway as Brady Hartsfield, your neighborhood ice cream man.
Harry Treadaway and Kelly Lynch as the Hartsfields, at the grave of her deceased husband, his volatile father.
Kelly Lynch as Deb, outside the bleak Hartsfield home.
Harry Treadaway as Brady,plotting in his basement lair.
Mary-Louise Parker as Janey, in her suicidal aunt's luxury condo.
Janey's condo.
Hodges at the scene of a deadly fire in the Hartsfield house.
The scene of Mr. Mercedes heinous crime...
Bill Hodges house.
Bill Hodges study.
Brendan Gleason as Bill Hodges in his study.
Supreme Electronix, Brady and Lou's place of employment. We took over a former CVS and turned it into a big box electronics store.
Harry Treadawy, Breeda Wool and Robert Stanton at Supreme Electronix.
The Bridgton Mayor's Office.
The Art Gala, where Brady plotted to kill hundreds...
My concept for the Brady protest propaganda outside the courtroom.
Protesters outside the court.
The Bridgeton Courthouse interior, with Glynn Turman as the Judge.
The rare and antique bookstore from Season 3.
Another view of the bookstore.
Finder's Keepers, Hodges and Holly's detective agency, based in a former Chinese restaurant.
The Bridgton County Morgue.
Alma's funky, wigged out double wide trailer.
Alma's waterbed den of iniquity.
Morris Bellamy's grungy, flophouse apartment.
Morris' crusty bedroom...
A promotional puzzle I had made of Harry Treadaway as Brady Hartsfield.
A promotional puzzle I had made of Brendan Gleason as Bill Hodges.
The surgical suite where Dr. Babineaux operated on Brady Hartsfield.
Brady's brain, mid surgery.
Brady's patient recovery room.
A Hospital fundraising event at the state aquarium.
The Jail Visitation Room.
More Jail Visitation.
Brady, inside his mental fortress -- that looks much like his former basement.
Lonely moments for Deb Hartsfield...
Brendan Gleason as Bill Hodges at a Nursing Home.
The 'Mr. Mercedes' venue at San Diego Comicon 2018.
Inside the 'Mr. Mercedes' venue at Comicon 2018.
Me, mind melding with Brady.
The original, iconic tennis ball...