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The First Purge
Photos and video from the 4th installment 'origin story' of Blumhouse Pictures seminal thriller franchise. Filmed in Buffalo, NY.
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Kiss Me, I'm Purging.
NFFA's temporary Staten Island headquarters -- the perfect place from which to watch the First Purge.
Marisa Tomei as The Architect, watches Purgers with her NFFA friends.
The NFFA control room.
The New Founding Fathers of America election celebration stage.
A raging Purger's pre-game party pad.
Dmitri's clandestine distribution center, hidden within an auto body shop.
Lots of faux contraband...
Dmitri's secret armory... incredibly well stocked.
Y'lan Noel as Dmitri, discussing the next move with his captains.
Y'lan Noel as Dmitri. After the ambush.
Dmitri's counting room, the centerpiece to his fortified hideout.
Notice the gangland teardrop tattoo under the eye of the Benjamin.
Dmitri's chill war room, before he's attacked.
Lex Scott Davis as Nya, urging her community to resist The Purge
Lex Scott Davis as Nya, peers from the window of her tenement apartment.
Nya's tenement apartment.
Nya's efficiency apartment kitchen.
Nya's bedroom.
Lex Scott Davis as Nya and Joivan Wade as Isaiah.
Lex Scott Davis as Nya and Joivan Wade as Isaiah, waiting for Dmitri.
Y'lan Noel as Dmitri, stalking the halls of Nya's tenement building.