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Set Decoration Gallery: "Sleepy Hollow" and "Salem".
These are photos from the FOX series 'Sleepy Hollow', Seasons One and Two, filmed in Wilmington, NC; Season Three of the FOX/WGN show 'Salem' was shot in Shreveport, LA. 
Please contact me for references, further credits or information.
The main set from SLEEPY HOLLOW, the iconic 'Archives'.
Another view of the SLEEPY HOLLOW Archives.
The cabin of Ichabod Crane in SLEEPY HOLLOW.
A Chamber Party set circa 1770's in SLEEPY HOLLOW, with a working Glass Armonica played by Dean Shostak.
A Native American 'longhouse' set on SLEEPY HOLLOW.
The Masonic prison cell of the Headless Horseman on SLEEPY HOLLOW.
A Masonic interrogation room set up for Ichabod Crane in SLEEPY HOLLOW.
A creepy Carnival set for SLEEPY HOLLOW.
The Carnival tent of the witches known as The Four Who Speak As One in SLEEPY HOLLOW.
The Sheriff's Department bullpen in SLEEPY HOLLOW.
The 17th Century whorehouse known as The Bird's Nest in SALEM.
Another view of The Bird's Nest.
Another angle on The Bird's Nest set for SALEM.
The operation center for the macabre 17th Century Barber/Surgeon in SALEM.
Another view of the SALEM Barber/Surgeon's.
A French and Indian war camp in SALEM.
Another part of the French and Indian war camp.
An ambushed, burning wagon set for SALEM.
The Stable lodging area for one of SALEM's residents.
Another view of the Stables.